Creating A Safer Indoor Air Environment



Key objectives

  • Create a safer air environment
  • No roof Ventilation


Our client's process requires that cars, lorries and vans enter the building to load and unload goods.  This results in a build up of harmful carbon monoxide in the air. We were asked to design and install an enhanced ventilation system that did not require the contaminated air being exhausted out through the roof.


After analysing and understanding the specific requirements and overcoming the challenge of being unable to remove the contaminated air out through the roof, we installed an enhanced ventilation system complete with an intelligent control system to optimise energy efficiency.  Several carbon monoxide sensors were installed throughout the building which will trigger the jet vet fans to run and direct the contaminated air towards the axial fans installed on the outside wall.  These axial fans run variably dependant on the contamination levels. To ensure stabilisation we also installed air intake louvers that will operate in conjunction with the fans to ensure fresh air is brought into the building. The client now has complete peace of mind that the environment is safe for personnel to work in without being exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide.


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