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Fibreglass Helping create a more comfortable environment

How HVLS fans increased productivity and saved 34% in energy costs in 6 months

TCTI Fibreglass manufacturing workshop in Dubai, needed to create a better working environment for their workforce, and save on energy costs.

Key objectives

Create a more comfortable Environment in a manufacturing workshop


  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Comfort


This company's 2500 sq metre workspace had inconsistent temperatures which led to an uncomfortable working environment and stagnant air quality and as a result, had a direct impact on workers in this area which saw a lack of productivity and extremely high energy costs & an overworked air conditioning system.  


After a detailed analysis of what was required, it was decided that one 6.7 Altra-Air HVLS fan would be centre mounted and operated at 63rpm.   The mounted blades were just lower than a/c distribution and this saw an improvement in the perceived air temperature of 4 degrees Celsius.  With this more comfortable environment, their employees were happier and this resulted in an increase in employee productivity.  The business saved 34% in just 6 months which gave them a return on their investment in only 4 months.  

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