Enershield Air Barrier

Stabilising temperature and humidity

The effective use of air helping this business.

This global leading business provides healthcare solutions in orthopaedics, spinal care, sports medicine and neurosciences.  Their drying room at their facility in Ireland requires a controlled environment.

Key objectives


Due to the nature of the process and the high volume of traffic in and out of this controlled environment, very specific objectives were required.

  • Maintain humidity and temperature
  • Stop ingress of outside contaminants


Drying and curing is an integral part of this business' manufacturing process.  The drying room requires the temperature and humidity to be maintained within certain parameters and the elimination of outside pollutants.  Due to high volumes of traffic in and out of this area, these requirements were proving difficult to achieve.


After a comprehensive site analysis and discussions with the client, we installed two Enershield air barriers above the drying room doors.  This technology ensures environmental separation, thus stabilising the air conditions and ensuring elimination of outside pollutants.  In addition, we installed two HVLS fans to mix and evenly distribute the air in the room.

This mix of technologies is providing excellent results.  The room now maintains humidity and temperature, together with a cleaner working environment and the drying process is consistent in all areas.  With these improvements, our client has seen an increase in product yield and they now no longer require to positively pressurise the room.


Erratic air conditions have always been a major issue in our drying room.  the installation of the air barriers has stabilised this and, combined with the HVLS fans, to mix and distribute the air, the results have been very positive

Foundry Technologist

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