Helping Improve Indoor Air Quality

Key objectives

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy Efficiency


A global material science company asked us to help them improve their office indoor air quality at their facility in Scotland. Their new HVAC system, as expected, was showing contamination on the cooling coil and consequently, contamination was measured in the supply air coming from the HVAC system.


HVAC systems are known as being an excellent breeding ground for mould, bacteria, and viruses as well as the conveyor of contaminated air throughout the buildings they serve. In addition, contaminated systems have been linked to poor air quality leading to higher sickness and absenteeism rates as well as poor productivity. To identify these common issues in this building, we carried out an air and surface survey on the HVAC system and its supply air to identify what was in the supply air and to show the improvement after installation.

Once we had carried out this survey, we suggested and specified high output UVC emitters be installed downstream of the cooling coil and over the drain pan as this is the optimum location for improved air quality, energy and maintenance savings. This solution will combat the issue at the source and will deliver better indoor air quality for the occupants. High output UVC eliminates build-up of biofilm on the cooling coils and drain pans therefore reducing up to 99.99% of microbes produced and recirculated by ventilation systems. Not only will the UVC Emitters improve the indoor air quality, they also help reduce the energy consumption of the HVAC system improving the overall effectiveness.

Post installation we carried out a further air survey to show the improvement in supply air quality and the elimination of contamination on the coil and in the air.

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