Heat recovery from air compressors

Saving Energy and Operational Costs

Cost Saving Case Study

A global manufacturing company asked us to help them identify cost saving solutions in one of their manufacturing facilities in the UK.

Key objectives

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Reduce Operational Costs


The company were concerned that their energy
consumption and their operational costs in their manufacturing facility were too high.


To identify where cost savings could be made, we carried out a detailed air energy audit to determine the current operational costs as well as the energy, electrical and air consumption of their current fixed speed compressors. With the data, we were able to forecast an approximate saving of 27-29%.

We removed the three existing fixed speed compressors and replaced them with two variable speed compressors, programmed to run in a duty/standby configuration. The variable speed technology eliminates off-load running of the compressors whilst meeting the same air demand and this produces immediate energy savings. As the compressors only run when production demands, the operating life is also increased and servicing costs can be reduced. The twinned units and alternate operating pattern not only give 100% back up but also equalise running hours and allows coordinated serving. The actual energy saving achieved far exceeded the original prediction. Reduced noise levels and the recovery of hot exhaust air to heat the factory were additional benefits.


"I am thrilled with the results from the installation of a new compressor system from CPA. The 42% energy savings achieved with their solution have far exceeded my initial expectations."

Stewart Sneddon - Engineering Manager

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