Oil Free Compressor Installation

Production Reliability and Continuity = Maximum Uptime

Production Reliability and Continuity

This food manufacturer produces a variety of porridge products and, was the world's first manufacturer of the porridge bar.

Key objectives

Ensure new compressors and associated machinery are reliable to cope with an increase in demand and are compliant with air purity regulations.

  • Oil Free Compliant with ISO 22000
  • Equipment Reliability
  • Future-proofed System


The old air compressors and associated equipment were deemed unreliable for an increase in demand due to a new product line being introduced. In addition, there was no bypass meaning servicing was an issue as there was no alternative but to stop production while any servicing was being carried out and with the new product consistent uptime was necessary. 


We carried out a site survey with data collected to understand the current air usage. Due to the nature of the product being manufactured oil-free air was essential as even
the smallest drop of oil risks contamination and severe consequences in food manufacturing. We installed a complete compressed air solution consisting of two oil-free screw compressor that meets the class zero
standard and a refrigeration dryer ensuring highly effective removal of water vapour from the compressed air maintaining the quality. This new solution meant production no longer
needed to rely on one unit and it also futureproofs the system for future growth in production. We also modified the pipework to give a bypass which will ensure production up
time when any servicing is being carried out.