Fly Ingress Case Study

CPA partner, C-Mech Services Ltd were approached by a food manufacturing client. Due to the nature of the product, flying insects are attracted to the facility.

Key objectives

Reduce the need for additional fogging or the addition of more electric fly killers.

  • Reduce Fogging
  • Reduce need for additional electric fly killers
  • Energy Efficiency


The frequently used large entrance door leading into the facility already had a rapid opening PVC door. This door was a vulnerable point of entry and although the number of flies getting in had always been kept within acceptable limits, achieving these levels meant adding more electric fly killers or periodic fogging. As part of their continuous improvement programme, the client wanted to ensure that fly numbers, especially those entering the building by this door opening, could be more tightly controlled. Essentially they wanted to achieve a higher level of Food Safety Integrity as required by their many high profile customers.


Following a detailed site survey, C-Mech specified an Enershield DSH-120 air barrier and installed it in front of the existing rapid roll door leading from outside to the raw products collating area within the main building. The air barrier technology creates a highly efficient seal creating a virtual door over the open doorway. Detailed fly counts from the electric fly killers in the collating area were taken illustrating a 73% reduction in fly numbers when comparing the 12 months before and after installation. In addition, since the installation of the air barrier, there has been no need to carry out any additional fogging.

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