CPA Nitrogen Gas Generation

ST Andrews Uni On Site Nitrogen Generation

On site N2 Generation saves one of the UK's leading Physics departments

Founded in the 15th Century, The University of St Andrews is Scotland's first University and is the third oldest in the English speaking world. The School of Physics and Astronomy is one of the UK's leading departments that has an internationally recognised set of research programmes. 

Key objectives

The School of Physics and Astronomy require Nitrogen to purge as to a suite of LCMS units used for compound analysis.  Their main objectives were:


  • Improvement on purity of Nitrogen
  • Reduce costs
  • Help achieve sustainability goals


Due to the sensitivity of the equipment that is supplied by the Nitrogen, it is essential to ensure a constant supply and a consistent gas quality.  Traditional bottled Nitrogen was being used, however, the school of Physics & Astronomy wanted to have more control over their costs, wastage and improve on their environmental responsibilities.


Afer our analysis and understanding the customer's strategy, requirements and objectives, we recommended a Nitrogen generation system from Parker.  This complete solution has a unique design and advanced energy saving technology.  The university now has more control over their Nitrogen gas costs and are forecasting an annual saving of over £7000pa.  We expect the department will have a return on their investment in 12 months with anticipated savings in excess of 70%.  The gas purity is exceeding what they had hoped for and, additionally, they have reduced their carbon footprint as a result of this method of Nitrogen generation.  This system will deliver huge savings over the lifetime of the generator.


We are extremely happy with the N2 generator CPA supplied.  The install went very smoothly and was completed within the time frame promised.  The quality of Nitrogen is beyond what we could have hoped for with the ppm of 0.2 well exceeding our spec.  As a result, of this kit, we have been able to return some 40 bottles from the building with more still to go.  I see this as a viable option to bottled gas, saving on rent, delivery and refilling charges.

 Callum Smith, Supervisor

Cryogenics/Clean Room Laboratories

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