Container Modification Inside

A Creative and Innovative Solution

Creating Space in a Food Manufacturing Plant

Our client has been manufacturing and milling for over 125 years. They deliver 1.5 million loaves every day throughout the UK and Ireland.

As part of an upgrade within the plant, space was required for new machinery.

Key objectives

Create space by re-housing all their
compressed air equipment.

  • No production downtime
  • Always keep the building air-safe


This production facility needed to create space to accommodate new machinery for a new production
line. The identified area already housed all the compressed air equipment that serviced the entire
factory. The equipment had to be moved without any disruption to production.


After our analysis of the challenge and understanding the customer requirements and objectives, we knew we had to be creative and innovative with our solution. With no suitable area inside the facility and no budget for additional construction outside, we looked at modifying two 40ft containers. These containers were re-adapted at our manufacturing facility and then relocated to the manufacturing plant. All 300Kw of compressed air equipment was moved without any disruption to production, no safety issues to employees and the facility now has the required space for the new machinery.


"We can't thank the CPA engineering team enough. The innovative and creative way they came up with to give us the best solution was excellent. We trusted CPA to deliver on all our objectives and we are completely satisfied with the result."

Plant Manager

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