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Case Study

Fast Action Doors – Improving Access Speed & Reducing Heat Loss

Key Objectives

The Challenge

Established in 1840, Muirhead is a UK-based family business that is widely recognised as a global leader in the responsible manufacturing of high performance leather. The traditional roller shutter doors in the factory take time to open and close, and during winter, if the doors were left open, the heat escaped quickly causing the building to cool down . This temperature drop was having a negative affect on other employee’s comfort.

The Solution

After analysing and understanding the specific requirements to meet the objectives, we established the perfect solution would be fast action doors. These custom built Auto-Full doors are self repairing, meaning they don’t need to be removed to be repaired and are wind resistant to class II. Depending on the access required, some of the doors have been fitted with radar and some with remote control. This enhances the ease of use of these doors.

The Result

Since installation there have been no further complaints from employees regarding the temperature and the time taken to complete tasks has been reduced due to the improvement on access. Additional benefits have also seen a reduction in gas consumption and less debris blowing into the factory from outside.

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