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CPA Compressed Air

Case Study

A Ventilation Solution – Reducing Internal Temperature by over 25%

Key Objectives

The Challenge

We were asked to design and install a solution that would create a more comfortable working environment for the employees of one of our Whisky manufacturing customers. Several factors within the bottling hall affected the internal temperature; the manufacturing process, and the number of people. Due to the regulations for ventilation during the pandemic traditional air circulation and air conditioning were not an option.

The Solution

Once we fully understood the challenge, we quickly identified that a combination of evaporative cooling and hybrid roof ventilation would ensure all the objectives were met.
Hybrid roof ventilation works to remove the stale internal air. The Eco-Power is defined as a ‘two mode’ (or multi-mode) system controlled to minimise energy consumption while maintaining acceptable indoor air quality.

Evaporative cooling uses 100% fresh air; the outside air is drawn in over a wetted matrix, heat is absorbed and cooled, and fresh air is passed into the building.
Evaporative cooling is easy to install, is safe, and, compared to traditional air conditioning, achieves an 80-85%saving in energy costs, meaning a lower carbon footprint.

The Result

This combined solution has ensured that the temperature in the bottling hall has now been reduced by over 25%, which means a more comfortable environment for everyone.

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