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Case Study

Compressed Air – Providing Reliability

Key Objectives

The Challenge

Robust and reliable compressed air is an essential requirement for this business. Compressed air provides air to air skate equipment used to lift the umbilical cables onto the carousels before they are loaded. Any delay in this loading process could mean that the installation vessels are not leaving the port resulting in £000’s in costs. The three fixed-speed compressor equipment was not giving the reliability required. Running continuously and generating too much air for requirements were very wasteful.

The Solution

After we analysed the area and the customer requirements, we concluded that the best solution would be to install two fixed speed ESN250 models and a VS250 variable speed unit running at 8-bar pressure. A bespoke control interface helps distribute running hours evenly across the units and, the refrigerant dryers provide dry quality air. This solution combines reliable and easy to use operation and high efficiency. The compressors are designed to meet the rigours of continuous 24/7 operating demands and feature a robust design and low noise level operation.

The Result

CPA has been providing a high quality service for our existing compressors for a number of years now, so we are confident that the support and infrastructure is in place to ensure equipment reliability

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