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Case Study

Compressed Air – Creating Space in a Novel Way

Key Objectives

The Challenge

This production facility needed to create space to accommodate new machinery for a new production line. The identified area already housed all the compressed air equipment that serviced the entire factory. The equipment had to be moved without any disruption to production or personnel.

The Solution

After our analysis of the challenge and understanding the customer requirements and objectives, we knew we had to be innovative with our solution.
With no suitable area inside the facility and no budget for additional construction outside, we looked at modifying two 40ft containers.
These containers were re-adapted at our manufacturing facility and the relocated to the Hovis factory.
All 300Kw of compressed air equipment was moved without any disruption to production, no safety issues to employees and the facility now has the required area for the new machinery.

The Result

“We can’t thank the CPA Engineering team enough. The innovative and creative solution they came up with has given us exactly what we required; more space.
We trusted CPA to deliver on all of our objectives and we are completely satisfied with the result.”

Engineering Manager

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