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Case Study

Sonic Drying System – Improving Line Continuity

Key Objectives

The Challenge

Highland Spring have been drawing their natural spring water from the same protected land in the Ochil Hills in Perthshire since 1979. They are now the leading bottled water brand in the UK. Highland Spring asked us to help them solve an issue with excess moisture on the label area of the bottles, which was causing a water in glue contamination at the labeller.

A ‘water in glue contamination’ in a newly installed high speed bottling line was causing issues at the labelling machine . This was causing the majority of line downtime, which was costing the business not only in monetary terms but also in quality. Air hoses were being used to try and overcome the issue, however, due to the speed of this line, they were unable to impact significantly enough to show a real difference.

The Solution

After analysing and understanding the specific requirements to meet the project team’s objectives, we established the best product for the challenge was the Sonic® Air System. This system has a performance guarantee and is the most energy efficient air knife. It was capable of coping with the line speed ensuring the label area on the bottle was dry, meaning no water in glue contamination in the labeller machine. This ensured continuity of the production rate, meaning less downtime and therefore delivering a positive return on the investment.

The Result

“The Sonic air system from CPA has exceeded expectations, we can see a reduction in line downtime by over a quarter in the year since installation. We trusted the team at CPA to deliver on our objectives and we are completely satisfied that we have the best product installed”

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