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CPA Compressed Air

Case Study

Enershield Air Barriers – Improving Occupant Comfort & Stabilising Internal Temperature

Key Objectives

The Challenge

The layout of the newly refurbished building saw three automatic entry doors positioned in such a way that they were facing the prevailing wind. This meant that rain and wind could enter the building whenever the doors opened.
This not only makes for an uncomfortable internal environment forcustomers and staff, but it could also result in an increase in energy costs.

The Solution

Three Mircorshield air barriers were installed above each automatic door. The air barriers create a laminar flow or air, thus creating a virtual door and ensuring no thermal transfer. The strength of airflow produced by the Enershield counteracted the prevailing winds without being intrusive to customers.

The ingress of any external pollutants, flying insects, odours, and dust were also eliminated making for a cleaner internal environment.  As the Enershield air barrier draws in ambient air from above, it achieves an element of destratification by bringing hot air down, further reducing heating costs and increasing comfort.

The Result

The garden centre has managed to create a more comfortable internal environment by reducing heat loss and preventing cold air and rain from entering the building ensuring customer and staff comfort.

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