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Case Study

Enershield Air Barriers – Reducing Fly Count in Food Manufacturer by 73%

Key Objectives

The Challenge

The frequently used large entrance door leading into the food manufacturing facility already had a rapid opening PVC door but it was a vulnerable point for entry of flying insects. Due to the nature of the product being manufactured, flying insects are attracted to the facility. The number of flies entering the building had always been kept within acceptable limits however, continually achieving these levels meant adding more electric fly killers or periodic fogging. As part of the business’ continuous improvement programme, the client wanted to ensure that fly numbers, especially those entering by the vulnerable point, could be more tightly controlled. The business wanted to achieve a higher level of food safety integrity as required by their many high profile customers.

The Solution

Following a detailed site survey and a complete understanding of the business requirements and objectives, we specified an Enershield DSH air barrier which was installed in front of the existing rapid roll door. The air barrier technology creates a highly efficient seal creating a virtual door over the open doorway. Detailed fly counts from the electric fly killers in the collating area were taken which show a 73% reduction in fly numbers when comparing the 12 months before and after installation. In addition, since the installation, there has been no need to carry out any additional fogging.

The Result

“Insect ingress, as with most food manufacturing facilities, has the potential to be a serious issue. We have successfully controlled insects with EFK and periodic fogging; however, these are insect control solutions after the insects have entered the building. Our initial expectations have been exceeded by the Enershield Air Barrier that you specified, supplied, and installed.  I commend you on project management, as well as the quality of workmanship in the unit’s manufacture and installation.”

Operations Director

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