High Efficiency Hybrid Roof Ventilation

As experts in ventilation, you can trust that the products and solutions we provide are always Best in Class. We’ve been designing and installing Hybrid Roof Ventilation solutions across various businesses for more years than we care to remember. We’ve always known it’s the best and our customers that have it as a solution would concur […]

Challenging Themselves for a Good Cause

Helping you with your business challenges is something we here at CPA don’t ever shy away from and that commitment to a challenge filters through to our #TeamCPA. Kieran Kilgour, one of our Engineers and Laura McLaren from our service team have pledged to challenge themselves all in aid of charity. Kieran, is getting on […]

Cooler Cleaning

Does your cooler matrix look like this? A choked cooler matrix restricts the air flow and causes the compressor to run at increased temperatures.  This can cause the safety devices to activate resulting in an emergency plant shut down and costly production loss.  We’d recommend you check and clean your cooler matrix regularly. Prolonging Equipment […]

Dylan is Ready to Start His Chosen Career

I have always known that I wanted to do an apprenticeship and study for a degree simultaneously. I felt this route meant I could learn, gain work experience, give me excellent grounding, and prepare me well. Engineering was always the career I wanted to do, and at school, I aligned my subjects with that in […]

“The Air We Share is Killing Us”

Did you ever give the indoor air quality at your workplace, the gym, the restaurant, or the hotel a second thought? This petrie dish image, illustrates mould and bacterial growth taken from an office desktop we surveyed recently. Pre pandemic, building regulations stated that everyone should get 10 litres of fresh air every second. Realistically […]