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Challenges Can Come in Many Forms

Challenges can come in many forms, business and personal. Some we choose; some we work for, and some we wouldn’t wish for. Whatever the challenge, we try to meet them with determination and commitment, but some need a fight.  

In 2019 our Manufacturing Supervisor Kevin McElwee and his fiancé Sarah-Jane were delighted to announce that they would be parents at the end of February 2020. Becoming parents is a huge challenge, and one you ready yourself for over nine months; planning and deciding. For Kevin and Sarah-Jane, those nine months didn’t happen. Their little girl was born four months early, weighing only 750 grammes.

Faced with the biggest challenge of their lives, Kevin and Sarah-Jane worked together as a team to support each other, ensuring they were able to be strong for the unknown that lay ahead. They put their trust in the Consultants, Nurses, and Science as their precious little girl, Emileigh, had multiple issues. Her left lung wasn’t developing, she was put onto a ventilator to help her breathe, and she’d be on the ventilator for two months. An operation to correct a problem within her diaphragm also lay ahead.   

For 132 days, Kevin and Sarah-Jane watched as their little Emileigh gave her challenge fight, and that determination meant she was allowed home from the hospital on 26th March 2020. Although her challenge wasn’t over, she still required oxygen, and the pandemic was added to the mix. The new family found themselves with yet another challenge of having to shield their little fighter.  

Emileigh celebrated her first Birthday in November and is growing stronger every day. She is no longer on oxygen and has been discharged from the hospital. Sarah-Jane is enjoying being a full-time Mummy, and we are all delighted to see Kevin back in the workshop. 

Emileigh is our little inspiration never to give up the fight no matter what the challenge.

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