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What size of unit will I need?

This depends on the door size but also the room size

How Does an Air Barrier Work?

By re-circulating internal facility air and forcing it across an opening, Enershield Air Barrier technology creates a 'Virtual Door'.

How much electricity is required does a nitrogen generator need?

Membrane generators do not need electricity which makes them ideal for explosion-proof locations. If they include an oxygen analyser, they need minimal current rated at 120 VAC, 0.25A. The standard PSA nitrogen systems have an electrical rating of 120 VAC, 2.0A.

Nitrogen generators express purity of nitrogen as 100% minus the percent of oxygen remaining in the gas stream. Why is that?

In air, oxygen is the most reactive gas and is present in significant volume. The balance of gases are either trace or in the case of argon, not reactive. In addition, oxygen content can be easily and directly measured with an analyzer. Therefore, a 99% nitrogen stream is really 1% oxygen and 99% nitrogen and other gases.