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CPA Compressed Air

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High Efficiency Hybrid Roof Ventilation

As experts in ventilation, you can trust that the products and solutions we provide are always Best in Class.

We’ve been designing and installing Hybrid Roof Ventilation solutions across various businesses for more years than we care to remember. We’ve always known it’s the best and our customers that have it as a solution would concur – have a look at our case studies. However, it is always great to get a completely independent view and opinion on what we’ve known all this time.

A Major US utilities Emerging Technology division, in conjunction with a prestigious University testing lab, conducted tests on the ecoPOWER hybrid turbine rooftop ventilator and traditional mechanical axial and centrifugal fan designs. The results showed that the hybrid ventilation system offered significant power savings in mechanical mode alone (not including wind assistance) compared with the baseline fans (which included an EC motorised units) at static pressures up to 40Pa (0.161″ H₂O). Power savings were up to 72% even without the consideration of wind assistance.
The report noted that the hybrids could reduce energy usage by benefiting from optimal wind flows and even operating in natural mode alone when environmental conditions are suitable (i.e. temperature and stack pressure). However, these tests were not initiated.
The results concluded that the new, emerging hybrid technology was suitable for low-static pressure environments. These included warehouses, data centres, auditoriums, offices and similar buildings and would not be suitable for long ducts.

A copy of the full report can be downloaded here, if you’d like to discuss your ventilation requirements with us please email


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