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Specialist solutions for the Automotive & Aerospace industry will help deliver manufacturing excellence.

For the automotive and aerospace industries, quality is everything. Not only that, but the operation has to be efficient, minimising waste and maximising resources. We can help your company achieve both of these goals.

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Solutions for Industrial Applications. Whether your blower equipment requires a complete overhaul or a repair our engineering experts have the ability.

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Drying Systems

Replacing 60psi with 2psi. A highly efficient, effective low-pressure air knife system offering staggering savings over compressed air.

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Gas Generators

Stable and Consistent Supply. An on-site nitrogen gas generation system ensures you have a constant, 24/7 supply of nitrogen gas that’s both stable and pure.

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The BioJet®

Air Sterilsation Re-Imagined. The new CPA Biojet uses advanced ultraviolet technology that is scientifically proven to produce cleaner and safer indoor air.

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Vacuum Pumps

We have the expertise to identify and source replacement vacuum pumps for you. Our engineering team are experts in service overhaul of equipment.

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