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"I am learning new skills every day and every day is different and that keeps it exciting"

Adam joined us in August 2017, where his initial 6 months were spent attending East Kilbride Group Training Association. This primary, “hands-on” approach, combined with an academic component is an important introduction to our engineering apprenticeship and gives our 1st Year apprentices the start they need, training to nationally recognised standards.  Once their 6 months is complete, they then come and join TeamCPA and attend a further education College one day a week, working towards a recognised academic qualification in an engineering discipline.


At the beginning of 2nd year, we given an “in-house” logbook to complete, relating to basic engineering components, this book is my ‘go to’ during the early stages of my apprenticeship. It has been a great reference, for me, it drives me to learn and encourages me to research the subject or topic using a variety of sources such as the web, college or my tradesman.

We change tradesman every three months, my first three months of my 2nd year was with Tom Main, from our Compressed Air division.  I learned safe working practices in electrics, Star Delta Starting, control systems, wiring, and Inverter Drives for industrial compressors, servicing industrial compressed air equipment and safe isolation of the equipment. 

“My next three months will be spent with Kevin McElwee, working on our Controlled Air products such as our air barrier technology and high-speed industrial doors to name a few.  Kevin has explained that I will be learning how to build and install an air barrier, learning how to survey an area to advise on the best door solution.

In addition to the products and their function, I also think about, - it isn’t just about the product being installed or serviced, I should also consider how it looks, feels, sounds and ask myself is the finished job to everyone’s standards and expectations - Could it be any better?, this ‘out of the box’ thinking makes you more aware and encourages you to be pro-active and understanding.   Some people wouldn’t think that this is part of the apprenticeship, but it makes you think beyond the product.”

I feel I have grown as an individual, I have more confidence across many different aspects especially report writing.  I would recommend anyone to apply for a CPA Apprenticeship, the job is rewarding, the team are encouraging, and the only limitation is yourself.

Adam McKeown - CPA 2nd Year Apprentice

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