F Gas Legislation, 2020 Ban

On January 1st 2020 under UK and EU legislation, a further ban on refrigerant gases will come into force.  This ban could affect your stationary refrigeration or freezer equipment.

If your equipment falls into the criteria relating to the ban; if it contains HFC's refrigerant that has a global warming potential (GWP) of 2500 or greater, you will still be able to operate your equipment and we can still give it a maintenance service.  However, should it have an issue and need a recharge, and that recharge is greater than 40 tonnes CO2 equivalent (appx 10Kg of R404A), we will not be able to use 'Virgin Gas'.

It will still be possible to replace with 'reclaimed gas' gases reclaimed from other equipment and have been reprocessed to remove impurities, however, these may be difficult to source and could be expensive as time goes on.  It is also worth bearing in mind, that the 'stop-gap' use of these reclaimed refrigerants will also be banned from 2030. 

If your business uses refrigerated equipment it is important that you take action.  If you need help determining if your equipment will be affected, we can assist by conducting an F-Gas legislation audit and provide recommendations for the best solution.

You can request the audit by sending our service department an e-mail or you can give them a call on 01501 825024.  




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