Good Ventilation Could Save Your Life

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in many ways, and it has become a tough task for employers to ensure the safety of their employees and for employees to feel safe returning their place of work. 

It is known that COVID-19 is highly infectious and that there is an increased risk of transmission through the air especially in enclosed spaces¹

The smaller droplets from an infected person can travel further inside, thus increasing the risk of infecting others. To minimise that risk and that of transmission, correct ventilation becomes crucial. Two industry power houses; REHA (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) both recommend increasing flow rates of fresh outside air and avoiding re-circulation and transfer of air from one room to another.² ³

Ventilation measures are considered the most vital engineering mechanisms in infection control during these extraordinary times. Research from REHA and CIBSE shows that adequate ventilation and effective air distribution can minimise the risk of cross-infection from 1.5 metres onward.

We have engineered solutions that feature best in class products that are designed for industrial and commercial use - Direct Evaporative Coolers with Hybrid Roof Ventilation systems. Direct evaporative coolers introduce 100% fresh chilled air into your building whilst the hybrid roof ventilator extracts unwanted warmer stale air, achieving target air change rates with extremely low running costs. Additionally, the humidity control and extracted pollutants improve indoor air quality, and more importantly, improving control of air movement decreases the risk of COVID-19 airborne transmission.

To further improve indoor air quality consideration must be given to the cleanliness of the existing air conditioning system. Air handling systems are often referred to as one of the biggest reservoirs for microorganisms and an amplifier and a disseminator of pathogens throughout the building, contaminating the very air that we breathe.

A major mis-conception is that air conditioning systems deliver clean and fresh air. Many systems simply chill recycled air drawn from other zones within the building and therefore distributing possible contaminants amongst occupants.

The problem is biofilm; a harmful, tenacious living microbial matrix that thrives in all HVAC/AC. If the system is not continuously cleaned, bacteria, mould and viruses can colonise the HVAC/AC systems spreading these throughout the building carried on the uncontrolled air flows. Our UVGI destroys the DNA & RNA of microorganisms found in germs and Droplet Nuclei; the infectious contaminated air droplets that are implicated in the transmission of COVID-19 and makes sure the air is safe. Apart from providing you with clean fresh air, UVGI equipment can also be used as a highly effective way of cleaning surfaces.


¹ Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
² CIBSE COVID-19 Guidance: Ventilation
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