Indoor Air Quality is Important

How Good is the IAQ in your building?

When you’re showing prospective clients your commercial properties or new employees your amazing work environment, what would be your answer if they asked, “how good is the air quality in the building?”


As unlikely as it is to happen, the more aware people become of air quality being a health benefit, the more likely the questions are to come. The ideal scenario would be to have indoor air quality (IAQ) documented and made available to see alongside the other benefits of the building. 

Your indoor air quality can be affected by both outdoor and indoor pollution sources which can create an environment that can contribute to sickness, absenteeism and poor productivity. Recent findings suggest that over 2 million deaths occur every single year due to indoor air pollution of which, traffic associated pollution, internal pollution sources like mould and ineffective maintenance of ventilation systems are a few of the primary causes.

Air conditioning may be your preferred option to create a pleasant indoor environment.  The demand for air conditioning in the UK is growing rapidly in response to more intensive building use.  Around 40% of commercial floor space is expected to be air-conditioned by 2020 and although this increased use of air conditioning does help IAQ unless the air conditioning systems are maintained and cleaned regularly, they will impact negatively on it.

Air conditioning systems are often associated with increases in acute health symptoms often called sick building syndrome symptoms which include, irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, headache and fatigue.  Whilst these symptoms are not clearly linked to a specific disease or pollutant, data available from office buildings indicate that the prevalence rates are greater among occupants of air-conditioned areas.

So, when you are faced with that question, how are you going to answer?  At CPA, our air survey is the first step towards designing systems that help you control improvements in your buildings’ air quality. It will help you understand, control and evaluate the air in your building allowing you to make changes to improve the indoor air quality.  We collate all the data and present you with a comprehensive report profiling the IAQ of your building and we can then assess and consult on best practice for air control, ensuring your business delivers energy efficiency, occupant well-being and remains compliant with IAQ health and safety regulations.

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