Investing in technology to defend your employees and your business.

The protection, safety and wellbeing of employees is the top priority of your management team. Never more so than under the shadow of the current pandemic. The primary defence of ‘stay at home’ is not feasible for all and to continue operating, workplaces must put in place rigorous safety measures to protect their employees: access restrictions, one way systems, hand washing regimes, hand sanitising stations, PPE, workstation spacing’s, partitions, clean, clean, and clean again.

However, even with all of this there’s still risk: ‘It’s the air that we share that’s killing us’.


What other action can we take to protect our people? We can clean the air. Air purification significantly reduces the spread of airborne infections. Air purifiers capture airborne aerosol droplets and particulates clearing our shared air of harmful bacteria. These filtration systems are the next step and another barrier in the fight against the spread of airborne viruses.
This was highlighted when one Lanarkshire employer was contacted by NHS track and trace. Our client, a critical manufacturer of feedstuffs installed our portable air purification units throughout the shared and occupied spaces.

These market leading 3-stage filtration units are strategically placed and thoroughly process and cleanse ambient air. When one of their team was contacted by NHS Track & Trace and told to self-isolate, they feared the office would have to close, threatening the entire operation. However, Track & Trace confirmed that their following of Government advice and the added protection of our air purifier to reduce the spread of airborne infection, eliminated the need for further isolation.

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