Preparing for a Safe Return

Are you preparing your building for the return of staff?  A commissioned survey by CleanAirSpaces, suggests that 56% of us are thinking more about our Indoor Air Quality than before the pandemic.  So, when you're faced with the question, "how clean & safe is my indoor air?"  How will you answer? 


Our air survey is the first step towards designing systems that help you control improvements in your buildings’ air quality. It will help you understand, control and evaluate the air in your building allowing you to make changes to improve the indoor air quality.  We collate all the data and present you with a comprehensive report profiling the IAQ of your building and we can then assess and consult on best practice for air control, ensuring your business delivers energy efficiency, occupant well-being and remains compliant with IAQ health and safety regulations. 

You can e-mail our product specialists HERE to discuss your requirements further.