Seal for Energy. Heat for Comfort.

Air Barikade® - The Cutting Edge Solution

The new Air Barikade® is a revolutionary innovation and an industry first.



We have been known for our air barrier technology for over a decade.  This technology creates a virtual door by re-circulating internal facility air and forcing it across an opening thus creating a robust seal.  The critical element in conserving energy is creating the seal to prevent air movement through the opening.  The invisible seal reduces the loss of heated air to the outside and the ingress of cold external air meaning that internal temperature and comfort are preserved while the door is open and when the door is closed, temperature recovery time is reduced. 

After listening to feedback from our clients and through a programme of research and development we have now developed a revolutionary product that delivers all the benefits of an air barrier with the inclusion of heat. Unlike a heated air curtain, this patented technology uses separately generated individual air flows designed for specific purposes. The thermostatically controlled heating system operates independently and provides fully controllable space heating for your building entrance. 

The new Air Barikade® delivers an industry first where the sealing capability of an air barrier is delivered with the comfort of gentle space heating without the associated energy losses. With absolute synergy, the Air Barikade provides a seal for energy and heat for comfort.

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