Sometimes you need to leave in order to come back!

In life we learn from our experiences, they often shape what we do, who we are and what we do in the future. It can be a tricky decision to leave all you’ve known for 5 years, your first job from school and to go against that sense of loyalty you have built up.  However, for one of our newly qualified Engineers, he needed to have new experiences that would shape and mould him.

Kieran Kilgour started with CPA straight from school, he joined our apprenticeship programme and 4 years later was rightfully proud that his time was out, and he was now a fully qualified Multi-Skilled Engineer.  After a year, he made the difficult decision to leave and experience life outside CPA and whilst we were unhappy, we sent him on his way with our Best Wishes and with the knowledge that if it didn’t work out with his new employer, he would be welcomed back. 

We are glad to report that in February Kieran returned to CPA and because he left, he’s learned, he’s developed, he’s reflected and he’s stronger.

Our business evolves as a result of experiences, whether that’s our CEO or a newly qualified engineer, welcome back Kieran from us all at #TeamCPA