The Enemy Within could costing you more than you think!

What if there was an investment that paid measurable, almost immediate benefits by reducing energy and maintenance costs?

What if this investment would restore your heating, ventilating and air conditioning system to new, keeping it in a clean state without harmful chemicals or pressure washing and, achieve all of these with a return on investment in less than two years?

Biofilm builds up on the cooling coil acts as an insulator and reduces heat transfer in the HVAC system. An audit done by an international airport showed that 77% of electrical energy use was attributed to air conditioning, showing that the efficiency of the HVAC units is critical to energy savings. Considering that contaminated coils can add another 30% to a buildings energy costs whilst producing 10% less cooling, performance and energy efficiency become key factors in the bottom line.

So how does it work?  Today’s UVC is artificially made using specialised lamps, producing germicidal UV at 253.7 nm.  UVC lamps are filled with inert gas and mercury with electrodes on either end. A high voltage electric current runs through the gas between the electrodes.  When one of the electrons from that current strikes a mercury molecule, part of is energy is absorbed, exciting the mercury, it then shoots out the energy as a photon of ultraviolet light.  Although UVC is invisible to the human eye, small amounts of energy released at visible wavelengths produce the blue glow commonly associated with UVC lamps.  UVC systems are designed to rapidly clean the coil surface and to subsequently penetrate the gaps between the coil fins and clean within the coils. Successful microbial growth removal is achieved in a matter of days.

Being energy efficient is one major benefit, another is improved indoor air quality.  Think about how many people pass through your business every day, and what one person breathes out another will breathe in. UVC has been shown to be extremely effective in reducing surface and airborne mould, bacteria and viruses. And tests have shown a greater than 99% reduction in mould and bacterial colonies forming in HVAC units a month after installing Steril-Aire UVC emitters.

In summary, effective use of UVC in air conditioning applications can maximise energy savings, reduce maintenance and operational costs and improve indoor air quality and it’s all backed by scientific evidence.

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