The importance of Training

You may have read our last news feature; The Importance of Being Transparent, demonstrating how we foster a culture for Trust.  We know that trust is earned from many elements and us having highly skilled and informed teams is one aspect that's continually at the top of the list.

Our commitment; both in time and financially, ensuring our team of Engineers are fully trained and compliant to industry regulations and standards has been a business strategy from the beginning.  We don't stand still in changing times, and it is of the utmost importance that our Engineers have the ability to update their current skills and are encouraged and supported to learn new ones to meet any changes in industry regulations and requirements.

As a supplier to the NHS and other medical facilities, patient safety is paramount in the design, installation, commissioning and operation of their compressed air and vacuum plants' needs, therefore, it is necessary that our Engineers are fully trained in all the requirements of working in this environment. The Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) competent person regulation, covers the maintenance of fixed medical gas pipelines in line with HTM 02-01.  This course is designed to give practical solutions to increase the Engineer's knowledge that will help them operate and maintain the MGPS system and its components and, the use of the Permit to Work System.  Three of our engineers attended the Competent Person (MGPS) Installation course with plans for others to attend later in the year.

It is important to us that you trust our Engineers and know that they are a highly-skilled workforce that can deliver safe and considered assignments for your needs.

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