Touch isn't the only carrier of infections.

A permanent solution backed by science.

Most people will have, at some point, visited someone in the hospital, and appreciated for themselves the importance of sanitising your hands, entering and leaving the ward.  The information posters across the hospital are constant reminders.  All of this is of the utmost importance, however, the emphasis of carrying infections into hospitals should not only be placed on touch.  Consideration should also be given to other modes of transmissions out with person to person touch

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems are the respiratory system of your building, it conditions the air for building occupants, but it can also be one of the single biggest reservoir of microorganisms, most commonly attributed to HAI (Hospital-acquired infections). Your HVAC system can become an amplifier and a disseminator of these pathogens throughout your building, contaminating the very air you breathe and possibly contributing to increases in HAI.

Cleanliness of the HVAC system is critical for enhancing indoor air quality, improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, an extension of equipment lifecycle and possibly reduced HAI. 

Energy efficiency

Biofilm build up on the cooling coil acts as an insulator and reduces heat transfer critical to energy savings. Considering that contaminated coils can add another 30% to a buildings energy costs whilst producing 10% less cooling, performance and energy efficiency become key factors in the bottom line.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The cooling coil fouling/biofilm can harbour both bacterial and fungal threats that can affect indoor air quality and possibly negatively affect immune compromised patients. Air filtration and intermittent coil cleaning alone are insufficient to deal with these potentially hazardous biofilms, the solution is to address the underlying cause of contamination at the source.

The continuous destruction of the HVAC system associated biofilms is extremely important when one considers system cleanliness and the associated issues that can accrue from a fouled system.  The high power, high efficiency germicidal UVC units emit UVC radiation, cleaning the coils and ensuring the air is cleaned as it passes through the coil providing continual cleaning and a permanent solution. Airborne microorganisms can be reduced by up to 99%.

The efficiency and effectiveness of Steril-Aire® are based on science and it could create a safer and better environment to live, work and breathe.


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