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Nitrogen could be your alternative solution to CO2

The extreme shortage of CO2 is due to the clashing of maintenance and the breakdown of some of the largest CO2 production plants and as a result, customers are being warned of significantly reduced or no supply of CO2 for the immediate future.

The good news is that for some industries there is an alternative.

An example of where Nitrogen could be used as an alternative is carbonated drinks manufacturering. Nitrogen could be used as a replacement to alleviate some of the CO2 usage elsewhere, such as in counter pressure filling of the carbonated beverages and soft drinks. Traditionally CO2 has been used to pressurise bottles before they are filled with the ‘fizzy’ drink. Without this pressure the drink would foam as it is injected into the bottle and cause overflowing, wasted product, and part filled bottles. This alternative solution could help keep your manufacturing operating at full capacity even with reduced CO2 availability.

Our gas generators produce high purity nitrogen from compressed air. Nitrogen can be produced at low dewpoints from nearly any compressed air supply. Our range is designed to continually transform standard compressed air into Nitrogen at safe, regulated pressures by utilising pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Our nitrogen gas generators are suitable for use in various applications, serving many of today’s major industrial markets.

Additionally, and as a long-term strategy, the lower cost of generated Nitrogen compared to CO2 cylinders and bulk liquid will help reduce your company’s expenditure and offer significant savings. Less CO2 used in the process also means less CO2 released into the atmosphere, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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