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We combine innovative products with technical expertise and engineer solutions tailored to your business and your needs. Our strengths are our wealth of industry knowledge and the solutions we design and offer, and helping you solve your business challenges is our passion. It is often our experience that once a solution is identified, only then can the problem be fully understood.


Compressed Air Solutions

Tailored solutions derived from a comprehensive understanding of your production process and your informed requirements.

Employee Comfort

Holistic solutions for temperature regulation, internal air quality improvement and prevention of pollutant ingress.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient equipment. Technologies to prevent energy loss, improve its effectiveness or re-deploy waste energy.

Environmental Cleanliness

Combined technologies dealing with airborne pathogens, non-chemical surface sterilisation and prevention of pollutant ingress.

Facilities Management

Solutions for energy management, increased occupant comfort and wellbeing, control of infection and airborne pathogens.

Manufacturing Excellence

Technologies to stabilise temperature, prevent the ingress of contaminants and improve system uptime.

Temperature and Environment Control

Specialist technologies for the control of temperature, thermal air movement and atmospheric separation.

Our Service Solutions

We work in partnership with your teams to help make your business run smoothly adding value where we can.

Our Supply Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering a first class customer service whilst maintaining a personal touch.

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Whether your business is engineering, food or pharmaceuticals, with over 25 years' experience we understand those subtle industry differences that make your challenges, and the required solutions unique