Climate Control Solutions

Climate Control Solutions

The key is providing a solution that doesn't create another problem.  

We look at each application and provide a solution based on the parameters of what is trying to be achieved.

Natural Ventilation


  • Improved torque at low wind speed
  • Water ingress protected
  • Larger exhaust opening
  • Greater sail area to drive the turbine
  • Specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications
Hurricane Mill

Effective ventilation can increase comfort, productivity and energy efficiency at a workplace or other commercial buildings. 

Hybrid Ventilation


  • High efficiency ventilation when required
  • Virtually inaudible even in power mode
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Low energy consumption
  • Single phase power input for easy electrical installation
  • Advanced EC motor technology for long lasting performance and durability

Effective ventilation can increase indoor air quality, comfort, productivity and energy efficiency.

HVLS Ceiling Fans


  • Reduced Noise
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Streamlined Look
  • Increased Air Speeds
  • Increased Cooling Capability
Altra Air Sailfin HVLS Fan

Our range of HVLS fans will provide you with an effective solution helping you save energy and achieve better indoor air quality.



Zoo Fans

  • More airflow
  • Lower Equipment Costs
  • Lower Operating Costs
Zoo Fan

For Ceilings up to 15 metres

H-Series fans deliver proven efficiency and performance.


Creates a virtual door

  • Improved occupant comfort
  • prevent contaminant ingress
  • reduce energy costs
  • calculated ROI

We work in partnership with you ensuring you get the best solution


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