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Compressed Air Storage and Distribution

Key components for efficient operation

Compressed air storage and compressed air distribution are key components for an efficient operation. A powerful characteristic of compressed air as an energy source is its ability to be generated and then safely stored for future distribution to point of use when required. Optimum efficiency of a complete system demands that storage receivers are correctly sized to suit generation and demand. If no air receivers have been installed, the system’s pressure profile and lack of storage control will limit the effectiveness of compressed air storage.

About Compressed Air Storage and Distribution

A storage system must also be designed and installed correctly to ensure system integrity.

There are several traditional and modern, modular pipework systems to distribute your compressed air from point of generation or storage to point of use. Pipework material should be chosen in accordance with industry best practice and to suit the ultimate use of the air accounting for air quality requirements and any potential conflict between pipe materials and your end product.

Compressed Air Storage and Distribution

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