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Engineered Air Knife Drying Systems

How can 2psi replace 60psi?

Engineered Air Knife Drying Systems offer guaranteed performance that will dry your product. It takes both air volume and velocity to produce blow-off force. Velocity breaks the surface tension while sufficient air volume delivers that velocity to the product. Utilising precise and rapid cleaning/dry-off, our air knife drying systems are a high performance, hygienic production solution.

Engineered Air Knife Drying Systems

A highly efficient, effective low-pressure air knife system offering staggering savings over compressed air.

Sonic drying systems delivers clean, dry, heated air which can assist with evaporation. We will engineer a system that is fully adaptable to various line speeds, that will consistently deliver clean, high velocity, warm and dry oil-free air with no pressure fluctuations. We work closely with you to determine your exact requirements and we guarantee our air knife drying solutions will exceed your expectations.

Engineered Air Knife Drying Systems

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