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An industry first heated air barrier for all year round comfort.


Our air barrier design requires a specified volume and velocity of air to create a robust barrier over an opening. Covering the complete area of the door it ensures the separation of two environments meaning that internal temperature and comfort are preserved when the door is open, and the temperature recovery time is reduced when the door is closed. CPA Air Barriers not only improve comfort and dramatically reduce energy consumption, they also create an effective barrier against pollutants humidity, dust and odours and flying insects

Now, we have developed an industry first and combined the advanced airflow technology in our air barrier with a revolutionary method of introducing heat generation to create the new Air Barikade®. This patented technology uses separately generated individual airflows. The door activated high volume air barrier efficiently creates a seal to prevent the loss of heat energy, while a separate and heated airflow acts in parallel to provide warmth. With these two airflows, the innovative Air Barikade® delivers an industry first where the sealing capability of an air barrier is delivered with the comfort of gentle space heating without the associated energy losses. Thermostatically controlled, the heated airflow can also be operated independently to provide fully controllable space heating for your building entrance.

With absolute synergy, the Air Barikade® provides a seal for energy and heat for comfort.

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