Ambient Air Survey

Air Quality Survey

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

We Understand how air flows in and out of your building and the quality of that air.  

We use our knowledge as the first step towards designing systems that help you control improvements to the indoor air quality that save energy and improve occupational performance of your building relating to air.

Monitoring IAQ for health and productivity

Our indoor air quality test will help you asses the IAQ of your building. We can help you understand, control and evaluate the air in your building allowing you to improve energy efficiency and the health of your building's occupants. 

We use a range of test equipment to measure various factors of IAQ performance; temperature, wind speed, pressure, airborne particulate, mould, gases and VOCs and this creates a holistic view of your environment. We collate all the data and present you with a comprehensive report profiling the IAQ of your building 

We can assess and consult on best practice for air control, distribution, mechanical ventilation and evacuation, ensuring your business delivers energy efficiency, occupant well-being and remains compliant with IAQ Health and Safety regulations.   


HSE Workplace Regulations Relating to IAQ

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