Air Treatment

Dry your Air

Air generation is only the first stage of a successful compressed air system.  To generate compressed air, typically it is oil injected or lubricated compressors which are used to compress atmospheric air.  Atmospheric air is usually moisture laden from ambient humidity.  This, combined with particulate contamination from the surrounding intake environment and oil from the compression process means that your ‘raw’ compressed air can be dirty, oily and wet.  Contaminated air can be catastrophic for your production quality and your point of use equipment and machinery.

If you are investing in an air compressor and compressed air system, air treatment is a must for protecting your system.  It will allow your system to run more efficiently and it will prolong the life of your system by reducing component corrosion that can be caused by wet, dirty air. 


Ambient Filtration

Filtering ambient air on entry to your compressor prevents the ingress of debris and particulates to the machinery.  Installing and maintaining good filtration will prolong the life of your compressor, help maintain efficient running and often let the equipment run more quietly.

Drying Your Air

Refrigerant or desiccant dryers are designed to remove moisture from your air after the compression process.  As a key part of the generation and treatment system and running under pressure, these units should be correctly specified and installed and maintained by appropriately qualified personnel.

Line Filtration

Line filters are used within the distribution pipework to remove liquids, particulates and contaminants after the compression process.  These are serviceable items and should be changed regularly to ensure continuing effectiveness and avoid flow restriction which leads to increased power consumption.

Oil/Water separator

Ensuring that oil laden condensate is removed effectively from your compressed air equipment could save you and the environment.  A properly maintained oil/water separator system ensures that condensate is can be safely put to drain and it is a legal requirement to ensure no oil waste is allowed into the water system.

Condensate Drains

Condensate must be drained frequently, and typical drains are prone to loss of valuable compressed air. Using an economical and efficient system can offer the ability to silently and cost-effectively drain condensate from your compressed air system.

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