Our HVLS fans cover a large area with continually moving air that creates a wide comfort zone for a year-round solution.

Winter - Heating

So not to interfere with space, most large buildings have the heaters mounted high.  This creates a heat gradient differential of 6-11°C from floor to ceiling. Because heat rises a situation called 'stratification' occurs and the heaters are now heating the top 2/3 of the building and working overtime to force heat down to the floor and at thermostat level.

By thoroughly mixing the air, our HVLS fans can virtually eliminate the temperature differential (or de-stratify) between the ceiling and the floor. Thermostat settings can be reduced without any loss of comfort, resulting in a reduction in heating costs.

Summer - Cooling

HVLS Fans provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to cooling areas where air conditioning is not feasible or can be unhealthy. Especially when non-disruptive cooling is desirable to improve comfort for the interior environment.

The fans work as an occupant cooling system, they do not cool the air. When perspiration evaporates off the body, it feels cool because evaporation moves body heat away.  The fans also reduce humidity, which adds to the feeling of comfort.

Our HVLS fans can work in conjunction with air-conditioned spaces. Operating the fans on slow speeds creates a constantly moving mass of air inside the space. 


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