CPA Heat Recovery ducting

Heat Recovery From Compressors

Why pay twice?

Approximately 10% of all electricity used in industry is accounted for by compressed air systems. 


It is a thermodynamic fact that around 95% of this energy is converted to heat and is wasted to the atmosphere through heat dissipated by the motor and cooling system. By re-directing the hot oil to a high-efficiency oil to water heat exchanger, the heat can be transferred to water, raising the temperature to a required level for a multitude of applications.

Why Introduce Heat Recovery Systems?

Heat is an inevitable by-product of air compression. Why let this thermal energy vanish into the atmosphere via the cooling system and radiation, when it could be reclaimed using an energy recovery system? About 90% of the energy to run a compressor can be recovered and used elsewhere, for example, it could be used as heat to warm a warehouse, as hot water or steam for industrial processes, or to heat water for handwashing. Re-using this energy helps reduce emissions and lowers your plant’s energy consumption, so a win-win!


The Benefits

  • Significant cost savings
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Factory fitted integrated system
  • Retrofit kits for installed systems including all pipework and fittings
  • Low investment costs

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