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PSSR 2000

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000

If pressure equipment fails in use, it can seriously injure or kill people nearby and cause serious damage to property. As an employer or self-employed person, you have a duty to provide a safe workplace and safe work equipment. Designers, manufacturers, suppliers, installers, users and owners also have duties. The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) cover the safe design and use of pressure systems. Its aim is to prevent serious injury from the hazard of stored energy (pressure) as a result of the failure of a pressure system or one of its component parts.

The regulations place a duty on designers of pressure systems to properly design the systems so that, when properly constructed from suitable materials and they do not present danger. The designers should also make sure in their designs that any necessary testing and examination may be performed without risk to health and safety. This would include provision for safe access into vessels, if required, and the provision of any necessary protective devices to prevent danger, so far as is reasonably practicable.

Examples of pressure systems and equipment are:

  • Compressed air systems (fixed and portable).
  • Pressurised process plant and piping.
  • Boilers and steam heating systems.
  • Valves, steam traps and filers.
  • Pressure gauges and level indicators.
  • Heat exchangers and refrigeration plant.

Principal causes of incidents are:

  • Poor equipment and/or design.
  • Poor maintenance of equipment, inadequate repairs or modifications
  • An unsafe system of work
  • Operator error, poor training/supervision

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