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Insights from our CPA experts

Is there a better method for sealed vessel or tank drying?

Yes, the Patented Sonic Tank drying system can drastically reduce the time needed to prepare the tank ready for the next manufacturing batch (60 mins typically) while its design means it uses less energy and is more efficient than other methods and so, therefore, improves throughput.




Can an air barrier be fitted to an existing fast action door?

Yes, absolutely and is a highly efficient installation.

What is a Controlled Air Survey?

We can carry out this survey when you are looking at how you can reduce the heat build up inside your building. Doing this survey allows you to see a temperature profile of your building and work together with us to find the best solution to overcome the issue.

Where can an air barrier be used?

An air barrier can be fitted across any open doorway.

What is the difference between an air barrier and an air curtain?

In short, an air curtain is designed to give the feeling of heat when you walk under it, an air barrier creates a significant seal and therefore creating a barrier to the ingress of external pollutants and separating two atmospheres ensuring comfort.

Why should I fit a UVC Emitter?

Steril-Aire has engaged in years of research and found that their UVC emitters make safe and continuous coil cleaning possible in the cold airstreams of HVAC with no dangerous byproducts or ozone. It controls microorganisms at the source – the HVAC coils and drain pans and therefore optimise HVAC performance and improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

How do the rotary ventilators work?

Rotary ventilators allow hot air to escape from a roof, irrespective of prevailing wind. When wind is present, rotation of the top will boost the air extraction rate. Rotary ventilators take advantage of pressure differentials, which are either caused by temperature differences or wind.

Are the roof vents noisy?

Edmonds natural ventilators are designed to run silently. The powered ventilators are designed to run as quietly as possible, but depending on installation location some noise may be audible.

Can ventilation be installed on metal and tiled roofs?

Yes, the Edmonds roof ventilators are designed to be installed on both metal and tiled roofs.

How Many Roof Vents will I need?

This will depend on the area and what you need to achieve