Compressed Air Audit

It’s not just about air leaks

With over 10% of industrial electricity demand used for compressing air, a simple analysis can often yield significant savings. Air leaks in a system can represent between 20-30% of a compressor’s output and contribute to indirect costs and operating losses. A high leak rate causes fluctuations in pressure, resulting in hidden costs such as slower running or the stalling of production lines and also creates a noisy environment for staff.

Compressed Air Audit

Savings can be made by addressing air leaks.

Our compressed air leak detection surveys are carried out while your plant and equipment are operational. There is no interruption to your operations during a survey and they are conducted without having to touch or isolate any plant or equipment and are extremely cost-effective. A comprehensive compressed air survey will consider all elements of your compressed air generation, treatment, storage, distribution and point of use.

Compressed Air Audit

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